Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wonderfull Weekend at OFFF

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival was lots of fun. We drove down Friday night to stay with one of Shonnon's old friends (and even arrived before midnight).

The next morning Peacock and I went to Vita Cafefor porridge. (I've never eaten there except for breakfast, so I have no comment on most of the dishes reviewed in the linked article). They do wonderfull, slightly odd things for breakfast, I think porridge this time was raisin and macadamia nut in a rice base. I have no recollection of what it was last time, but I think it was something else; rice with nuts and fruits seems to be a reliable expectation.
Then we took the puppy home (he'd behaved perfectly through breakfast), and headed out to Canby for the event.
It was smaller than Blacksheep, marginally less crowded and slightly oddly set up. There were vendors in 5 distinctly different places (the barn, the 4H building, upstairs and downstairs in the other building and outside under tents) and there was no definitive map of where to find any given vendor (well, the information table had one, but you had to go there and ask to flip through the book, so it wasn't convenient).
We were looking forward to the herd-dog demonstrations, and were disappointed that he didn't show up either day, but there was much socializing and shopping and walking (but no woulking (sp??)).

I got lots of neat stuff... Some black raw alpaca that spins up like a dream, sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Mohair locks in red and blue, a bunny hat. The most special purchases were an alpaca teddy bear, and Cheryl Kolander's books (The Silkworker's Notebook, Brilliant Colors with Natural Dyes and HEMP! for Textile Artists).

If my 'paca bear had not been white, I would have carried him around the fair with me. But giving outer expression to my jubilant inner toddler would have put my lovely white alpaca-bear in too much danger of getting dirty, so I packaged him away to be brought back out in the safety of a more controlled environment. During his confinement the 'paca bear got downright possessive of my sock yarn. He's demanding I make him a scarf!


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