Friday, October 07, 2005

Serenity Movie Review

I know, this is a knitting blog...
However Peacock has posted the most knit-related movie review I've ever seen over at Another-Hobby. It's the sock she was knitting when we went to see Serenity with friends on opening night (a week ago Friday).
My review is much less original. It's also a bit more descriptive... words help with that.
First, I on the way to the theater, I discovered a crepe place, Crepes Voila, nearby and went there for dinner. They had yummy crepes (I had one with smoked salmon, cheese, and spinach) and yummier ice cream, I will be returning...
And on to - waiting for the movie... It was opening night for a show with quite a fan-base. One of our friends was the first one in line and had arranged to get almost 30 tickets well in advance, so we were a large portion of the line-party.. quite the experience on a day that I was feeling slightly less than social, but I think it worked out okay.
The movie itself - I thought it was wonderful. The characters were mostly consistent with the TV show it was based on, Firefly, and none of the gore was gratuitous.. this is not to say that there was no gore, just that if it was there it was necessary for one reason or another. It was a little heavy on 'made-you-jump' type visuals and sound effects for me, but aside from that was really good. I was hoping for something a bit more like the TV show than I got, but at the same time I understand that they needed to present some things differently in order to go from first introduction of the characters to plot and money making. I thought the movie was almost entirely about River, which a friend who hadn't seen the series seconded. This almost annoys me since the series did such a good job of focusing on all the characters in their turn. At the same time in just under 2 hours, it's darn close to impossible to give as much detail to every character as you can do in a season's worth of hour long episodes, do they did a really good job with what they did. If there is a chance to go back to this universe and make more stories, I think there are still stories to tell and I look forward to seeing them.

(edited and posted almost a month later - since I think it's left all the theaters by now Y'all should go see it when it comes out on video )


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