Thursday, October 06, 2005

Secret Pal 6 - Package 1

My secret pal is a sweetie! Her favored method of communication is e-postcards and I've been getting one almost every couple days. She asked that I email her when my package arrived because the postal service has been intermittently eating her mail, but it got here safe and sound and I emailed her and told her it arrived on Monday...

It contained lots of pairs...
2 blank books, 2 balls of recycled silk yarn, 2 balls of eyelash yarn, 2 Nestle cooky bars (one of them... um, vanished before the picture was taken) and 2 scary cute magnets.
There were also quite a few singletons, an instruction book to go with the eyelash yarn, a candle that came in a matching little bag, some tea, some gum, and half of a dark chocolate crunch bar... wait, I think I ate the crunch bar as I opened the package.

The squirrel on the magnets is captioned as saying "I bite," and "I have no excuses for my behavior!" They're perfect warnings for when I'm feeling punchy. I'm less likely to bite physically than verbally, but still... (Kids, don't believe anyone who says words don't hurt. They can and do leave scars...)

The Peacock and I have decided that the eyelash yarn, being nylon, is going to be perfect for an attemt at space dyeing eyelash. Neither of us have tried it before so we may be suprised by the results, but we do know that Lanaset is perfectly happy to dye nylon and it's a nice pale grey that will give us lots of options!


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