Saturday, October 15, 2005

Mostly boring week

I'm feeling much better, I'm not sick and my blog is back.
I still have gotten next to no knitting done this week since I've been equal parts exhausted and overbooked. I've been having my schedule this weekend change every couple minutes as I remember what day it is and when things are actually going to happen. I went from thinking NWRSA was today to tomorrow to next Sunday.
Then this afternoon when I went to Tricoter to see a handspinner's trunk show, I locked my keys in the car. This meant that I spent close to an hour and a half instead of the 15-20 minutes I'd intended. The trunk show was lots of fun, the yarn being sold was Tanglewood Fiber Creations 2-ply bulky in some lovely and interesting colorways. Once my car got unlocked I went back inside with my drop spindle and spent a little more time talking and spinning.

OOoh.... I do have a bunch of finished spinning to report... the spinning I took to the RennFaire last weekend, but it deserves it's own post, so it can wait until the digicam gets home.


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