Saturday, April 23, 2005

too long between posts, mobius knitting

Not much blogging, I got pissy at blogger for not working the last 2 times I tried to post in a row, so I didn't come back for a while.
I've missed it.

The Interlacements yarns did not cooperate, have been rewound into balls and I will be weaving with both of them later.
The Silk Garden mobius scarf has been finished and my roomate said it would look better as a cat bed... that it was not a lovely color scheme for me. Unfortunately I agree with her.
The Silk garden and Cascade 220 pomeranian bed got felted yesterday along with the sophie bag and a flotilla of felted fishies...

One of the felted fishies is the puppies favorite toy. Unfortunately it is soapy and needs to be washed before he can have it back to play with again.

Today while sitting in a class intended to teach me how to safely drive an ambulance, I started and finished the body of a mobius basket for my sister the mathematician's birthday present. (it's from Cat Bordhi's 2nd book, the one with the squiggle that runs up and over the handle and into the basket)

Learned how to use hand cards yesterday, need to go get some more cheap colored wool from Weaving Works on Monday so that there can be much more color mixing fun.


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