Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sophie Bag, Mobius Knitting, Norwescon

Well, I'm back from Norwescon (a sci-fi convention in Seatac), and have finished my Sophie bag in Mountain Colors Wool, a mobius scarf in Noro's Silk Garden, the mobius basket for a future Pomeranian in Noro's Silk Garden and Cascade 220 (it's going to be felted and I'm worried about it shrinking differently in the different yarns)

I've just started working on a felted fish (no pattern, just having fun... it's for the puppy).

Lots of knitting going on here, I still have a tank top for my roomate that I need to finish, it's a mock up for the Rowan pattern with intarsia cherries. I'm making it a tank top and will need to do another mock up as I didn't get the armholes quite like I'd like them (they're sitting way too far forwards on her chest, it just looks bad).

Also on the needles are a pair of pop-up paws in Irland, a ribbed sweater and a cabled tank top both in Cascade's Cotton/Wool blend, and a plethora of hats to be donated being made out of Encore.

In other crafty news, I got my new spinning wheel last week! I haven't had time to use it since we were at the convention all weekend.
I've also picked up a set of Denise needles and hope they're as wonderful to work on as I have heard.

The puppy came with us to the con, he was such a good dog in the hotel room, no whining loud enough to be heard outside the room and near perfect behaviour on his walks...

Pictures to be added as I get them taken.. I need to get the pre-felting pictures taken and posted then I'll have comparisons once all these projects go through the washer to get felted.


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