Friday, March 18, 2005

Cleaning the loom room

Today (and yesterday) we did just what the subject line says. My roomate and I organized a bunch of her stuff, folded up a loom that has been sold (was sold in December, in fact, but delayed delivery was part of the arrangement). We found an amazing amount of stash, one full wall worth of yarn and fiber (almost evenly split between hers and mine). A fair bit of it is already assigned to projects.
Looking through an old copy of Interweave Knits , I found an ad for what looks like a fascinating piece of software for my palm pilot (this new software might even get me to reliably carry my palm)... It's KnitAble. It inventories needles, projects, hooks, books, magazines, patterns, and measurements. It also has a number of calculators, for yardage estimates, buttonhole placement and increase/decrease placement. I want one....

As far as the blog goes, I obviously haven't figured out how to insert links into my text. I feel very sheepish and will fix that as soon as I have access to a geek that is willing to help me fix it. Any suggestions?
-EDIT- Obviously I figured that out and am slightly sheepish at how easy it was. I solved it myself this morning (3/19) while avoiding taking the dog out for a walk. I should go get to that...

I think I have figured out how to add pictures, I've even taken some pictures of the yarn that we've been dyeing recently... I just haven't gotten them off the camera and posted.


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